Police Department Weapon Trade Program

Mission Critical Firearms, LLC exists to provide citizens, law enforcement and other government agencies with a "Tactical Advantage". We are a dealer and distributor of the finest and most reliable firearms and suppressors on the market today. We are a Type 09 dealer of Destructive Devices and Type 26 Dealer of High Explosives with a Class 2 SOT, and our company specializes in firearms that are restricted by the National Firearms Act. These restrictions are enforced by the ATF.

Mission Critical Firearms has worked closely with many police departments and other government agencies throughout the country in providing them with the finest and most reliable firearms available at a very reasonable cost and occasionally AT NO COST. We can take the agencies current or old firearms in for trade or offer to purchase them outright. This includes any fully automatic weapons the agency may own and want to sell or trade. We can also provide your department or agency with hands on demonstrations of various fully automatic and semi automatic firearms for purchase or trade consideration as well as familiarization at no cost to the agency/department.

What We Buy Or Trade For

  1. Confiscated weapons
  2. Agency owned rifles, shotguns, handguns
  3. Weapons restricted by the National Firearms act such as short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, transferable and/or non-transferable fully automatic weapons, suppressors, and destructive devices such as 40mm launchers. We'll even buy or trade out your less than lethal equipment and simunition kits.
  4. Optics such as rifle scopes, ACOG, EOTech, etc.

How To Start:

  1. Contact us with the list of items and quantities to be traded. Make note of the condition of the items, for firearms include what caliber and how many magazines are included.
  2. After we receive your list, we will appraise a trade-in value for each item or lot of items on your list. The total on the quote can be cashed out or used as a credit towards your department's purchase of new equipment from either Mission Critical Firearms or elswhere, we pay other parties directly on your behalf.
  3. We will personally come to your agency to retrieve the items and/or photograph

Mission Critical Firearms, LLC is a FN Herstal and Heckler & Koch law enforcement supplier


  • UMP 9mm, 40 & 45: P.O.R
  • HK416: P.O.R
  • HK G36: P.O.R
  • MP7: P.O.R.

FN Herstal

  • MK46: P.O.R
  • MK 48: P.O.R
  • SCAR 16/16CQC: P.O.R
  • SCAR 17/17CQC: P.O.R
  • M240B: P.O.R

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